Villages which will benefit from my gift

CBR Network is partnering with SAMUHA, an NGO working in the Hyderabad-Karnataka districts of Raichur and Koppal since 1987, to implement the Smokeless Chula Seva Abhiyan.

The improved Chulika stove was born after an energy audit in Juelkunti village in Koppal district by TERI showed that fuelwood contributed to 88% of its carbon footprint. This led to SAMUHA facilitating the design and production of the Chulika Biomass Cookstove, through iSquareD. iSquareD is a charitable trust promoted by SAMUHA to explore, manage and support social enterprises. The Chulika is approved by MNRE ( Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, GOI, New Delhi) as an improved cookstove and is Best in its Class.

SAMUHA in consultation with its Gram Samsthas (village institutions) in Koppal District will identify the households that will receive each donation. Each house where an improved Chulika stove is gifted will be identified by a place-marker on an internet-based map. Each placemarker will have details of the household using the Chulika stove. It will also have the name of the Donor and their receipt number. Each household will be monitored monthly, and the CO2 saved by the household through the use of the Chulika will be posted to the Community carbon Inventory.

The villages as well as the households in Koppal District (and later, all across the Nation) that will receive your gift can be accessed by clicking on the image below. (Link Under Construction).