Smokeless Chula Seva Abhiyan

​ pledge  to  ​improve the Quality of Life of of rural women

Towards this, I will
  • educate people around me on the issues rural women face in their day-to-day task of feeding their families by:
    • spending 2-4 hours a day in gathering firewood,
    • cooking in smoke-filled kitchens, and through the risk of
    • Household Air Pollution that results in over 1 million deaths in India alone;
  • help people understand that LPG gas is the cleanest cooking medium. But that till issues of supply chain and affordability are addressed (Census 2011 reports that 120 million households cook their daily meals on firewood), the improved chula provides an immediate and cost-effective response.
  • promote 'giving' as a way by which communities can expand the joy of our many festivities to reach rural and tribal women who otherwise struggle with life in isolation.
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Please also send the link - - to atleast 10 of your friends to promote the Chula Seva Abhiyan.
Thank You.