An Eco-friendly Appeal!


Dear Friends,

Every year when Gowri-Ganesha habba arrives we think of our daughters and sisters. We have so many fond memories about them. This is the time we convey our feelings for them by giving a gift and by praying for their well being...


This is a great sentiment for our daughters and sisters too. The Gowri habba gift received from brothers and parents is often the most cherished memory for the daughter or sister. It is not the size of the gift but the feelings attached to even a humble gift of glass bangles that makes a daughter and sister so happy. The gift is a soul touching chord between her and her roots.


Let us extend our feeling for our families to also include those far away from us by launching a community sensitisation campaign so that major festivals like Gowri and Ganesha Habba, Dasara and Diwali also become opportunities for us to think about millions of families in rural /tribal areas who have no access to clean drinking water, sanitation, cooking fuel etc.


Poverty, environment, health, education, disability, sustainable development together form a complex that is often difficult to unravel and understand. But if we take small steps, we can start the journey to achieve our goals for a better life for all.


As a small step, during this season of festivals, please think of another daughter or sister working tirelessly in the remote villages of our country.

















We, the undersigned, request you to gift an improved Chulika stove and make a difference in the Quality of Life of a rural daughter and sister.


(in alphabetical order)

Prof Asha Hans
Executive Vice-President, Shantha memorial institute for Rehabilitation, Bhubaneswar; consultant to UN on gender equity 

Smt NS Hema
Founder, Association for people with Disabilities, Bengaluru; Mentor, Samarthya Board, Koppal, Raichur


Dr Indumathi Rao
(Regional Adviser, CBR NETWORK, Bengaluru)


Smt Jayashree Banerji Former Member of Parliament from Madhya Pradesh       


Smt Lalitha Kumaramangalam
Public Policy Analyst; Founder, Prakruthi, Chennai

Prof Malathi Somaiah
Former Faculty IIM Bengaluru and education management consultant, Bengaluru

Dr Mallika Nadda
Secretary, Chetna, Himachal Pradesh; Vice Chair, Special Olympic Bharat 

Smt Ruma Banerji 
Vice chairperson, Seva in Action, Bengaluru

Smt Sarala Rao
Former UNICEF officer, Child rights expert has worked in India and UK

Prof Sudha Rao
Former vice chancellor, KSOU Mysore, Eminent educationist, Bengaluru 



Villages which will benefit from my gift

CBR Network is partnering with SAMUHA, an NGO working in the Hyderabad-Karnataka districts of Raichur and Koppal since 1987, to implement the Smokeless Chula Seva Abhiyan.

The improved Chulika stove was born after an energy audit in Juelkunti village in Koppal district by TERI showed that fuelwood contributed to 88% of its carbon footprint. This led to SAMUHA facilitating the design and production of the Chulika Biomass Cookstove, through iSquareD. iSquareD is a charitable trust promoted by SAMUHA to explore, manage and support social enterprises. The Chulika is approved by MNRE ( Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, GOI, New Delhi) as an improved cookstove and is Best in its Class.

SAMUHA in consultation with its Gram Samsthas (village institutions) in Koppal District will identify the households that will receive each donation. Each house where an improved Chulika stove is gifted will be identified by a place-marker on an internet-based map. Each placemarker will have details of the household using the Chulika stove. It will also have the name of the Donor and their receipt number. Each household will be monitored monthly, and the CO2 saved by the household through the use of the Chulika will be posted to the Community carbon Inventory.

The villages as well as the households in Koppal District (and later, all across the Nation) that will receive your gift can be accessed by clicking on the image below. (Link Under Construction).



Smokeless Chula Seva Abhiyan

​ pledge  to  ​improve the Quality of Life of of rural women

Towards this, I will
  • educate people around me on the issues rural women face in their day-to-day task of feeding their families by:
    • spending 2-4 hours a day in gathering firewood,
    • cooking in smoke-filled kitchens, and through the risk of
    • Household Air Pollution that results in over 1 million deaths in India alone;
  • help people understand that LPG gas is the cleanest cooking medium. But that till issues of supply chain and affordability are addressed (Census 2011 reports that 120 million households cook their daily meals on firewood), the improved chula provides an immediate and cost-effective response.
  • promote 'giving' as a way by which communities can expand the joy of our many festivities to reach rural and tribal women who otherwise struggle with life in isolation.
Pl send a mail with 'I Pledge' in the subject matter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to allow us to enter your name in our mailing list as a pledged member.
Please also send the link - - to atleast 10 of your friends to promote the Chula Seva Abhiyan.
Thank You.




Why Should I donate a Chulika Stove?

Do you know??


  • that on an average, a household burns 3.25 tons of firewood per year? That’s 390 million tons of firewood consumption across India.
  • that over 1 million people die annually in India from Household Air Pollution?
  • that the 2011 census identified 120 million households that still depend on firewood for their domestic cooking?


Your Child's Health is in Danger !!

....More than 50% of premature deaths among children under 5 are due to pneumonia caused by particulate matter (soot) inhaled from household air pollution...



An improved cookstove developed by Samuha can

  • reduce firewood consumption by 50%
  • reduce indoor air pollution by 80%
  • save 1 t/ce (ton/CO2 equivalent) per annum.

An improved cookstove is an investment in the health of women and their infants.